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Deadlifts are a great full body exercise, if done properly!

The image shows one of my clients at the top of an 80kg deadlift (good job nic!). The next day, Nic told me that her hamstrings and butt cheeks were hurting. Perfect! A deadlift should not be lifted with your back. Your back and deep core muscles will be working hard but only in trying to keep the spine straight. Deaflifts are a great way to work the core. The muscles that actually lift the weight, those that lengthen and then shorten, are the hamstrings and the glutes. If your spine curves at the bottom of the movement then you are using your back to lift the weight and can put a lot of pressure on the vertebrae. Not ideal!

Back should be straight at the bottom of the movement. Your hips should be behind you ready to load the glutes. Your knees should be bent but not bent forward over the bar. The knees should be bent to allow the hips to travel behind you.
To lift the weight, push through your heels, squeeze the butt cheeks HARD and push your hips forward. Keep your core rock solid and the back straight. If your hips travel forward, you will move to upright, cleanly lifting the bar off the floor.
Lower down SLOWLY to get the eccentric contraction on the way down. Don’t just drop it!

Have a go and let me know how you get on….