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The focus of my personal training approach is based around the different aspects of health and fitness, which I have found to be the most influential. You probably only have one main goal. Lose weight or maybe gain weight! Run a mile or maybe run 26 miles! Become flexible enough to touch your toes or flexible enough to get your foot behind your head!

Whatever your goal may be, I guarantee you that it won’t be as simple as eating less or running more or stretching before you go to bed.

Unfortunately it’s a little more complicated than that but don’t worry! That’s why I’m here! All you need to know is that all of the following will be taken care of. If you want to know why, I’ve explained underneath. If not, I don’t blame you, assume it’s taken care of and give me a call!

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    Cardio vascular endurance:

    I think you know what this is so I won’t bore you with the details! No matter what your goal is, I will make your heart lungs more efficient than they are now. Guaranteed! Simply put, your heart and lungs are quite important so it’s best to keep them working efficiently, whatever your goals are.

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    Muscular strength and endurance:

    The skeletal muscular system is essential in providing your joints with support. It also determines what you can and can’t lift when on your own (strength) as well as your ability to run up 3 flights of stairs without feeling like your legs are on fire (endurance).

    It’s directly related to your metabolic rate so the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn. It also plays a massive role in your bodies appearance (I guarantee that the muscular strength and endurance of Johnny Vegas and Brad Pitt are very different!).

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    The degree of freedom you have around a joint is extremely important for a number of reasons. I’ll highlight two of them. Firstly, good flexibility allows for more efficient movement of the body. I like to give the analogy of ‘running with tight legs is like riding a bike with a rusty chain’.

    If you have to fight against the tight muscles to allow movement, you’re just wasting energy. Secondly, good flexibility helps in injury rehab and prevention. We all know how annoying it is to finally get exercising and then having to stop because your knee hurts or you’ve pulled a muscle in your shoulder. I rest my case!

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    This is a BIG one! Massively important I’m afraid. I see most of my clients for 1 hour a week. That leaves 167 hours.

    Take away 8 hours for sleep each day and we have a grand total of 111 hours of time where we can eat. 111 HOURS! I’ve been correcting people diets for years and diet affects absolutely everything in your body so whatever your goal is, it needs to be considered.

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    Health and well being:

    This is often only considered by the older generation but that’s only because it takes this long for the errors we made as young adults to come to light!

    Keeping stress levels low, blood pressure in check, cholesterol levels in check and keeping trans fat consumption down to a minimum are just some of the measures I’ll be keeping in mind so you don’t have to.

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    Injury rehab and prevention:

    I have a lot of experience working with people who have a specific injury like a frozen shoulder for example.

    These injuries can really affect some ones life so recovering from an injury is a common goal to have. Equally as important is injury prevention as nothing stops somebodies progress like an injury does! Sprains, strains, niggle and you name it crop up in the body at any given time.

    My experience allows me to minimise them as well as help you overcome them should they occur and keep you moving forward.

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    Functional training:

    This is my favourite! Functional training is just that. It is training the body to perform a function.

    Sometimes a specific function like a golf swing but sometime a more general function like walking more efficiently.

    Functional training helps with injury prevention as well as making your workouts more effective at achieving your goals.

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    This is often overlooked as well. Balance is important in maintaining good body awareness and, at the risk of pointing out the obvious, reducing the chance of falling over! Once we hit 65 1 in 3 of us fall over each year and at that age it can often lead to quite serious injuries.

    Balance training helps minimise this risk and the benefits from improving your balance when your younger, will stay with you into your later years.

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    Sport specific:

    I often work with people training for specific sports and will have to adapt training accordingly.

    This isn’t for everyone but still, extremely important for others. Good functional training as well as sports specific drills and exercises work wonders for those of you who want to learn to run, ride a bike, play football or maybe even start kick boxing.

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    Variation is important for a number of reasons also but again, I’ll just highlight 2 of them. Firstly, it helps stop the body from plateauing. I’ll often speak to someone who has been running a 5km distance for 3 years but can’t do it any faster. I introduce some hill sprints, some 12 minute cooper tests, some interval training and some gentle 10KM+ distances and they improve.

    Why? Because you have to keep the body guessing, otherwise it gets bored and stops adapting. Secondly variation helps keep my clients motivated and coming back. If the mind is bored it will lose interest and tell the body to do the same. Bored? How about try Kick Boxing? Kettle Bells? Coresticks? Fartlek Training? Sandbells? Boot camps? Tyre training? Agility courses?

    With these and countless others at my disposal, I guarantee you’ll never get bored.

Final word

Basically, my job is to worry about and plan for all of this so that you don’t have to. I’ve been doing it for years and at the risk of sounding a bit big headed, I’m pretty good at it!