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I started training with Alun when I felt I wasn’t getting the most out of my visits to the gym and I had signed-up to do a marathon. Training with Alun injected a step change and brought structure, variety and fun – it is so much easier when someone shows you what to do and helps you along the way. Alun worked up a running programme for me that was tailored to the time I had available to train and he advised me on training paces. I have now run 4 marathons and improved my time from 4:07 to most recently 3:28 – I am sure that I would never have beaten the 3:30 target without Alun’s support.

He has been patient, hard-working and fun throughout and I have never felt fitter. What better investment can you make than in your health and well-bring – wish I had done it sooner.

Emma Andrews


I began training sessions with Alun 8 weeks before my wedding. I exercise regularly but I wanted to be in the best shape I could be, particularly in a fitted strapless dress! It worked fantastically! My body shape is the best it has ever been.

As a result I have continued to have regular training sessions with Alun. It is the one way of exercising that has kept me motivated and I actually look forward to working out. Alun follows my targets and creates sessions that really push me. Luckily he is also full of advice of how to effectively ease out aches and pains! Sharing exercise, body hang-ups and personal targets with someone could be a bit embarrassing, but Alun is just really easy to get along with. He makes me feel comfortable and ultimately he helps me to reach my goals.

Jemma Murray


I have been training with Alun for over a year and a half now and still enjoy the sessions. Alun keeps them varied and always interesting and most i mportantly fun. Even after this time I can still see improvements with my body. I have gained a lot more strength and muscle mass, my energy levels stay high and have gained more confidence.

Sam Boyle


I have been training with Alun for around 2 years and continue to enjoy and gain significant benefit from the sessions. In the 2 years Alun has supported me in a number of areas through his deep knowledge of sports science and training, specifically:

– Cardiovascular fitness, speed and strength for trail and road running
– Strength and agility exercises for playing squash and badminton
– Weight loss and control
– Rehabilitation from injuries

Alun will challenge and push you to reach your goals, but equally will work within your limits and keep you injury free. I feel I have gained enormously from the personal training sessions in fitness, strength, body awareness and mobility. Thank you Alun.

Rob Elam


I have been training with Alun for over a year now and have a session once a week. I look and feel fitter and always keep motivated by changing routines so it doesn’t get boring.
I can highly recommend Alun.

Lesley Boyle


I remember the day my daughter came home from the gym after a PT session and saying “Mum you should do it, you’ll enjoy it!” I have been involved in sport since dating my husband in our teens but only as a supporter, taxi, tea lady or child entertainer during cricket, football or golf games! I had been going to the gym and seen people working with PT instructors and thought Id like to do that but need to get fitter before I even consider it. My daughter did persuade me to contact Alun and book my first session! I stood in the changing room taking deep breaths to calm myself, petrified of what I was about to go and attempt! I really did not need to worry as Alun was great and took each stage at my level, explaining each piece of equipment I used. Alun changes his sessions frequently and so working with a wide range of equipment or doing a set of exercises that are varied make the sessions enjoyable and we have a laugh too! Alun recently introduced boxing into my sessions which I’m loving as its another fun way to get fit.

I have now built up a good level of fitness that I thought I would never have. I have far more energy, flexibility and have lost weight dropping 2 dress sizes, which has given me the excuse to go and shop!! My original aim with Alun was to get fitter and loose weight but to my surprise the biggest reward is how I feel mentally, I’m so much happier about myself and having more energy helps as I’m in a classroom with young children all day. I look forward to my workout each week; it not only makes me work harder but I know how to use the equipment correctly getting a better workout when working independently. The hardest thing to do is start, but it’s so satisfying doing something for yourself and Alun makes it achievable! Thanks Alun!

Angela Reeves

I have worked with Alun on general fitness, core strength and training specifically for skiing. I have found working together has been really enjoyable and has brought tangible results. Before starting to work together I had hit a plateau of boredom and needed a fresh approach to training.

I look forward to our sessions and feel afterwards as if I have worked really hard but enjoyed it at the same time.

I would happily recommend Alun as a professional and dedicated Personal Trainer.

Helen Dicketts

I have been training with Alun for over 18 months, initially for assistance in building the strength in my knee after an operation but have continued with the training sessions ever since.

He has great knowledge in all areas of training and available to adapt sessions as and when required.

My programs have changed on a regular basis to help with my training development, keeping them interesting and often with a plan to work on outside of his sessions. I would highly recommend Alun to anyone requiring assistance in personal training, whether it is to assist in recovery from an injury or just to help with developing fitness and strength

Wayne Madden

I have been having personal training sessions with Al now for almost 2 years. He has really helped

me improve my fitness to the next level and keeps me on track. There is never a moment I come

out of the gym where I don’t feel like I have had a good workout. We run some great circuits, which

always push me but allow me to see just how much better my fitness is each time.

James Bennett